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1. What is DocFeeOnline?

Accessible anytime and anywhere, DocFeeOnline is a website which you may use to document your professional fees with ease.

2. How do I protect my information?

You must create a Login ID and Password, and no one else will have access to your account.

3. What if I am part of a group?

Although you must have your own individual ID and Password, you will have the option of signing in as ‘Individual’ or ‘Group.’

4. What if different professionals of the group see the same patient on different days?

The distinct professional charges may be documented. You must use the ‘Group’ sign-in option and be sure to add an individual code (e.g. /km, /lr, /ts) after the billing code, to identify the various participating physicians with each billing day.

5. May I customize the information for my practice?

Of course, the website can be easily customized to your practice. You may add or delete hospitals, referring physicians, diagnosis codes, insurance information etc.

6. Do I need to worry about losing data?

No. The website is managed by IT Professionals with dual back up servers at different locations. For the purpose of extra back up and easy transfer to billing agencies of your choice, you may also always back up the data on your computer or flash drive.

7. How do I become comfortable using the website?

You may click on the Demo button, and practice until you are comfortable. You should find it very easy to use in a few minutes.

8. Are the services very expensive?

Not really, only a nominal fee is charged for the services. The fee may be paid online using Debit or Credit card. The monthly charge is only $10.00, or you may sign-up for a $100.00 one-year subscription.  


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